Floatation therapy is the ultimate in relaxation and healing.

Retreat from the busy world as you lay in pod of epsom salt water heated to body temperature and float into deep relaxation.


Benefits of Floating

Benefits of floating include stress relief, ease of muscle tension and pain, improved mood and sleep patterns.

Floatation Therapy is based on a revolutionary scientific approach to deep relaxation called Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique or REST. Floatation REST restricts or eliminates all of the external stress factors or stimuli that normally affects us every day.

We are often not consciously aware of it but this can take up to 95 percent of our physical and mental energy.

Upon Arrival

Just relax and enjoy

Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by one of our friendly staff and taken through to either the lounge or directly to your private float room.

We will explain how everything works, answer all your questions and then leave you to enjoy a waterfall shower then enter the pod to begin your experience.


Deep relaxation and bliss

Inside the pod, you lie totally supported in a warm concentration of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulfate). Magnesium is the second most abundant element in your cells, and Sulfate improves absorption of nutrients.

You can expect gentle music and soft lighting rather than darkness. It’s all designed to help you to release into your new environment and the experience it provides – deep relaxation and bliss.


Take your time to come back to reality

In the final minutes of your float session, soft distant music and a gentle change in the lighting will bring you back to full awareness. You can then return to the shower to wash the salt from your body and hair.

A powder room is provided, where you will find a hair dryer, straightening irons and a selection of Osmosis Mineral Make up for your convenience.

We then invite you to relax in our float lounge and enjoy a either a glass of fresh ionized water or an iced or hot organic tea infusion before making your departure back to reality in your own time.

Every float is different

Everyone has different float experiences and even your personal experiences will differ each time, that is the beauty of float therapy, not one float is the same.

We highly recommend that you experience it 3 times before judging it as it takes a few times to learn how to relax fully. In addition to this, the biological benefits that floatation brings helps your body to adjust better each time.

Our standard float sessions are 60 minutes with 15 minutes either side for showering – so all in all 90 minutes total is booked out

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