LED Light Treatment

Dermalux Flex MD – a game-changing LED system that revolutionizes the world of light therapy. Powered by innovative Tri-Wave MD technology, this portable marvel delivers exceptional results, treating various conditions for the face, scalp, and body.


Precise and Versatile Design

Harnessing the potency of clinically proven wavelengths – Blue 415nm, Red 633nm, and Near Infrared 830nm – the Flex MD is the gold standard of portable LED systems. The ceramic LED technology offers maximum power and unrivaled outcomes with each treatment, and its flexible array ensures comfortable and hygienic face and body treatments.



LED Light Treatment
1 Only
A mini facial will take place for a 1 off LED light treatment. Cleanse off the skin then you will be under the LED Light for 20mins followed by a Serum, Moisturiser and Environ SPF
LED Light is suited to acne, advanced skin treatment, healing, collagen induction etc
Blue LED and Red LED are both available
LED Light Treatment
Add on
Add this treatment onto your Facial that you have booked in for - it helps to rejuvenate cells, reverse the signs of ageing, improve acne, relieve muscular and joint pain, speed wound healing and treat psoriasis
LED Light Treatment
Package of 4
This Package of 4 LED Light Treatments include a Mini Facial each time. Cleanse, LED Light 20mins, Serum, Moisturise and lastly Environ SPF is applied
Benefits will be realised after the full course, and may continue to improve up to 4-6 weeks after a course of treatment sessions

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