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What are the benefits of floating?

Benefits of floating include stress relief, ease of muscle tension and pain, improved mood and sleep patterns.

Do I float wearing togs?

The idea of floating is sensory deprivation and to maximise this experience you do not wear anything when you float– just think of the float pod as a large bathtub. Clothing can be also distracting and impact your floating experience. It can also impact the salt water, which is why we strongly ask that you do not wear togs.

Rest assured; you will have complete privacy. Your pod experience is in your own private room and you have full control over the lighting and the door on the pod – so you can completely relax, unwind, and float away!

Can I float if I'm pregnant?

Yes, absolutely! There are many benefits of floating but pregnant women often find immediate relief from float therapy! With its sense of weightlessness on achy joints and muscles, experiencing floatation therapy while pregnant can bring tremendous source of relief for expectant mothers.

Do you provide Gift Vouchers?

Yes, we do. We’ve never met anyone who isn’t 100 percent thrilled to arrive on our doorstep with a voucher. It’s one of the most thoughtful gifts around! You can choose from our menu of treatments or just place a monetary value on it, and leave the rest to us.

You can purchase online and receive your gift voucher quickly via email, or you can pop into the spa and purchase in person and get a printed voucher.