Rosactive Facials

Rosactive means “Research of Specific actives”

 It is a Phytoceutical product. Phyto is plants. Ceutical is science.

Repairing the barrier cosmetics to maximise skin health


The skin barrier is the outermost layer of the skin that provides protection to help retain water and moisture. It defends against external irritants such as bacteria and environmental debris from penetrating the skin causing sensitive reactions. Think of it as your skin’s own bodyguard to keep the good in and the bad out. The barrier is made up of lipids (oils) that bind your skin cells together, and when intact, it is responsible for keeping it feeling soft and supple, calm and healthy.


When the skin’s protective barrier gets damaged, microscopic cracks appear on it. Through these cracks, moisture can escape causing more severe TEWL (Trans-Epidermal Water Loss) and irritants can invade the skin more easily. Essentially, your skin has lost its protective bodyguard and may get dry, flaky, sensitive and irritated. We can tailor a massage for the areas you need to focus on, just book the time, and your therapist will discuss this with you upon your arrival. Your therapist will also discuss what sort of pressure you require prior to starting your therapy.

Rosactive Facials
Rosactive Mini Facial 30mins
Mini Facial, when you dont have time, this wee gem is super hydrating and will leave you glowing with healthy beautiful skin.
Rosactive Dermafill Facial 60mins
Dermafill Facial, 3 in 1 Super hydrating skin restoring treatment, for skins with water loss. Repair sensitive and rosacea skins, Helps to replenish and seal in moisture & restore damaged skin barrier.

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