How Floating Helps Sports Recovery

Floatation Therapy will allow you to recover at a rapid rate.

How Floating Helps Sports Recovery


Many Olympic Athletes and professional sports people are adding float therapy to their training and rehabilitation regime around the world today.

Performance recovery is an integral part of any athletes training and they have been enjoying the benefits of Epsom salt baths for many decades, so just imagine the amazing health benefits that over 500kg of Epsom salt in our tanks can bring to your body.

Athletes around the world have been using float tanks since the 1980s to speed up the recovery process, relieve muscle pain and stiffness, prevent cramping, enhance sporting performance and promote injury healing. When you use floatation therapy for sports and athletic performance it not only provides exceptional muscle recovery but it is also very beneficial to float prior to an intense workout, athletic competition, training, or game as it increases stamina and the ability to concentrate.


Visualization prior to an event is intensified while in the tank and can therefore allow athletes to focus and better prepare.


After a sporting event athletes are able to use the tank to de stress by reducing cortisol levels, recover and re-attune their body and mind which can be especially beneficial when they have a short turnaround between trainings/events/completions or games.


The reason that floating is able to speed up recovery time and promote healing in athletes is because both the lymphatic and blood flow are maximized as a result of being in a state of complete relaxation, allowing the body’s natural/biological healing stages to take place. Endorphin levels are increased and this is very effective in relieving chronic pain. The high concentration of salts allows the muscles to relax and become loose which also helps to dramatically minimize the risk of injury in athletes, therefore being a very successful therapy for injury prevention. When athletes over train they produce a build-up of lactic acid in the muscles which is a toxic by product of anaerobic glycolysis. Floating reduces lactic acid build up.


Wayne Rooney (Manchester United), Joe Rogan (UFC), Tom Brady (NFL), Steven Hauschka (NFL) are just a few examples of well-known sporting celebrities & teams that are using floatation as a part of their recovery and preparation. In the past 12 months many MMA fighters, Boxers, AFL, NFL, Rugby League & Rugby union players in Australia have also added floating into their regime.